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 Top antibacterial treatment for acne

Description: Tetracycline is an antibiotic prescribed to treat a wide range of bacterial infections including acne. Find out indications, contraindications, side effects and dosages for treatment.

Tetracycline is an antibiotic of a wide spectrum of action. It is a number one drug for treatment of acne and rosacea. This drug is on the list of essentials of World Health Organization. It is used to prevent and treat cholera. The drug belongs to the class of polyketide and acts by inhibiting the synthesis of protein in bacterial cells thus preventing them from replicating, growth and spreading over the body. This mechanism of action (the suppression of bacterial colony) helps the body immune system to cope with the infection.

The drug is available under various brand names as  Adoxa, Declomycin, Myrac, Priostat. The drug is the first line medicine to treat spotted fever, Lyme disease, pneumonia caused with mycoplasma, as well as for treatment of meningococcal infections.

However suffering from acne infection or rosacea condition your doctor will likely recommend you to buy Tetracycline. The drug is antibacterial antibiotic. This means that it will not work against viral infections as flu or cold or herpes. Please, do not buy Tetracycline online if you have viral infection or disease. The drug will provide some easing effect as every antibiotic provides an anti-inflammatory effect and patients notice ease of symptoms.

This is the main risk of purchase of Tetracycline online. If you diagnosed a disease wrongly and you have a viral infection and not a bacterial one, or the infection in your body is caused with a resistant type of bacteria, then the drug will only mask the symptoms and will not cure the disease.

The key risk of having an infection for a prolonged period of time is getting complications and further spreading (the greatest risk is penetration of bacteria into brain) and passing the infection to other people.

The drug is a prescription antibiotic. This means that if you want to buy cheap Tetracycline offline you will need to visit a doctor and to get tested and examined. Commonly lab tests of blood and urine are needed to get the exact diagnosis. However you can order Tetracycline online without prescription.

How to get cheap Tetracycline online safely?

The key risk of purchasing Tetracycline without prescription online is taking complete responsibility about efficacy and correctness of treatment. When you buy Tetracycline uk online you take the responsibility on possible side effects, allergic reactions, complications and contraindications. Nobody will check your conditions, ask you questions or test you. Tetracycline online pharmacy provides you comprehensive data on the drug, its mechanism of action and side effects and it is up to you which dosage to take and for how long to take the drug.

The range of susceptibility of Tetracycline

The drug is effective against wide range of bacteria among which there are:

  • gonococci
  • gram-positive
  • gram-negative
  • chlamydia
  • mycoplasma

There are many antibiotics effective against sexual diseases and bacterial infections. Tetracycline is not an exception. It can be applied for treatment of acute, chronic and latent infections of mycoplasma and chlamydia. However chronic and latent forms of these infections can not be diagnosed at a glance or basing only on the present symptoms and conditions. Lab tests in this case will show to which type of antibiotic these bacteria are more susceptible, what are the quantities of bacteria in the body. These data will not only ensure proper choice of the drug, but will hint on the length of the treatment.

You can buy Tetracycline online uk in various forms. The drug is available in pills, capsules, syrup and suspension. Only your doctor will determine the best form of the drug for you. It is a matter of absorption as well as convenience of intake.

Why you must not buy cheap Tetracycline online without seeing a doctor?

Many patients neglect visiting a doctor considering that a wide range antibiotic will work for any type of bacteria. By doing so we commonly take wrong drugs for resistant diseases thus getting the conditions get neglected. Another case is taking a wrong dosage of the drug against a susceptible type of bacteria. In this case the risks are very high for bacteria to develop resistance to the drug which was previously effective against this type of micro-organisms.

Taking higher dosages of Tetracycline you damage your kidneys and liver, the exceeded dosages of antibiotics affect the flora of the body thus causing yeast infections and indigestion.

Some drugs are dangerous for certain patients. Please, read attentively the next paragraphs.

Tetracycline in allergic patients

Patients with possible allergic reactions must take Tetracycline carefully. If you do not know whether you are allergic to this type of drug or not, please, avoid taking the drug without prescription or medical supervision. If you risk to take the drug without prescription and without vising your health care provider first, then take the least available dosage and track your symptoms. Watch the next reactions:

  • skin symptoms as redness, itching, rash
  • swelling of lips, face, throat
  • fever
  • lightheadedness
  • shortness of breath

These are the most likely symptoms of allergic reaction towards the drug. If you visit your doctor to get prescription for Tetracycline online order then warn your doctor abut all cases in your life of uncommon reaction to medicines, foods or other agents as fur or dust.

Tetracycline in children

The drug may lead to certain unwanted consequences. For example, kids treated with Tetracycline commonly perform teeth discoloration as well as bone growth delay.  The medicine is not recommended for use in children under 8 year old to avoid unwanted consequences. This drug must be given to children only in essential cases. The risks must always be weighed against possible benefits.

Moreover Tetracycline is a drug of choice, this means that there are valid alternatives to the medicine. Alternatives can be safer and more effective for kids.

You can buy Tetracycline cheap, but before giving the first dosage to your kid, please, consult pediatrician.

Tetracycline for elderly patients

There are no due studies of Tetracycline in elderly patients, that is why it is unknown whether the drug will perform additional side effects or will be the same effective in aged patients as in younger ones.

Tetracycline in pregnant women

Tetracycline is not recommended for use in the second trimester of pregnancy as it can lead to problems with teeth, bones and liver in a newborn baby.

Tetracycline during breastfeeding

The drug passes into breast milk and thus passes to the baby. It is forbidden to administer cheap Tetracycline uk to breastfeeding patients. If the treatment with this drug is essential and is the only possible, then it is recommended to buy Tetracycline online cheap, to stop breastfeeding and to get a full course of treatment. A woman can get back to feeding of baby with breast milk in at least 10-14 days after the complete withdrawal of treatment. This period depends on the duration of treatment as well as on the size of a one time dosage.

How to take Tetracycline?

Before you will buy Tetracycline online canada you have to know which dosage is right for your case and which is a standard duration of treatment.

For protozoal infections Tetracycline is prescribed in dosages of 150mg in due intervals of 6 hours (4 dosages per day) or in a dosage of 300mg in every 12 hours (2 dosages per day). The treatment lasts at least for 7 days. After this period additional tests are needed to identify whether there is still a growing colony of bacteria.

Tetracycline can also be applied against gonorrhea (however it is not the top effective medicine against the disease). The one time dosage for treatment of gonorrhea is 600mg at a time. Then it is recommended to take 300mg of tetracycline once a day for 4 days. Mind that there are antibiotics which you can take only once and get recovered after a single dosage. Tetracycline against such sex infection as gonorrhea is a medicine of choice. Please, if you suspect having gonorrhea, do not try to choose a valid medication on your own. Contact your health care provider as soon as possible. Only lab tests will detect which medicine is the best way to clear this infection out of your body.

Where to buy Tetracycline?

There are two ways to get cheap Tetracycline. First, you can get a prescription to try to find a cheap drug offline in local drug stores. However it is a time consuming occupation: you will spend time and efforts on visiting your doctor, getting tests done and getting prescription. You will not buy Tetracycline offline without prescription. It is forbidden. If you want to buy Tetracycline canada and you do not have a prescription for your case, then the only valid way to get the drug is to buy Tetracycline online. Our store offers you to buy Tetracycline online australia as well as in other countries. We ensure due shelf life, the highest quality of drugs as well as overnight shipping. We offer Tetracycline in various forms and dosages. Mind that syrup is faster absorbed than pills.